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We have MVP odds and the Kansas City Chiefs have a player listed thanks to John Dorsey signing him. Oops. Never mind, this isn’t a John Dorsey post.

Alex Smith is the Chief listed among the MVP odds. There is no Jamaal Charles in KC anymore and he’s usually the one listed in these MVP odds. Alex is way down there at 66/1 odds but interestingly those are the same odds as Odell Beckham, Rob Gronkowski and Eric Fisher’s little brother, JJ Watt.

Alex should be on this list because he’s the quarterback of a team that will be a playoff contender but I can’t envision the season he has where he’s the MVP. He doesn’t put up the massive numbers that you would think you’d need for MVP. He is certainly valuable to the Chiefs (and that’s all I’ll say before igniting the Alex Smith Wars in the comments).

Listed third on this list is the Chiefs rival, Derek Carr. He just got paid in a big way so it will be interesting to see how he responds.

The Texans could have the best defensive line in the NFL this season.

With left end J.J. Watt healthy after two back surgeries, Jadeveon Clowney excelling in his first season at right end and the addition of talented second-year nose tackle D.J. Reader, the Texans’ defensive line could be the league’s best no matter if it’s a three- or four-man front.

Anthony Weaver, who did a splendid job of coaching the linemen in his first season, has multitalented starters that should be strong against the run and provide a ferocious pass rush.

Last season, the line helped the Texans finish first in yards allowed, despite Watt being healthy for only the first two games. The Texans finished 12th against the run, second against the pass and 11th in points allowed.

Success or failure starts with run defense.

Watt is excellent against the run. And he’s a premier pass rusher – a three-time winner of the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award.

It’s going to be difficult to double Watt and Clowney.

“He looks great,” Weaver said about Watt. “The one thing I noticed in particular with J.J. is he seems to be having a lot more fun. This is a kid’s game, and we get paid a king’s ransom for it.

“When you’ve reached the heights he has, sometimes you start to feel that pressure. I think once you get away from it for a year, maybe you start to appreciate a little more and start to realize all the blessings you have. He’s going out there every day and having fun and getting better doing it.”

In his first healthy season, Clowney was outstanding against the run, especially in the base 3-4 alignment. He proved he can be disruptive as soon as the ball is snapped, even though he’s going against offensive tackles who outweigh him by 30 to 40 pounds.

“It’s been tremendous, and we’re still just scratching the (surface),” Weaver said about Clowney’s growth entering his fourth season. “He’s put in the work. He’s dedicated to his teammates, and I’m excited to see where he goes from here.

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